Kingdom Intercessors


How amazing is it to be chosen as an Intercessor to serve the Most High God as He executes His plan in the Earth? We are the EKKLESIA--God's governing body with "boots on the ground" in this world AND a spiritual position in Christ Jesus in the Throne Room of God Almighty!

If you feel the Lord is calling you to this assignment, join us in this Kingdom Intercessor ministry. Let's discover together how to become effectual in intercessory to claim and live in God's exceedingly great promises...and how to partner with Him in the birthing  of His plan for His creation.

Be part of the global movement to reclaim the kingdoms of the world for Jesus Christ!


How To Use This Site—We are yielding ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the development of a fellowship of praying believers by:

  • PROVIDING intercessors with current prophetic insights and declarations that will unite the Ekklesia in prayer. Click on Master Slide Deck under Resources. Download the slides, view in Slideshow mode, and you will be ready to share and pray with others!
  • EQUIPPING  intercessors with strategies and resources that will strengthen and guard them as they go into spiritual battles. Click on Recent Prophesies (located in Resources, under the Blog posts) to see what the Prophets are speaking into the Body of Christ. Check out the available resources offered by other prayer groups. (See Prayer Partners, in the box under Resources)
  • SUPPORTING  our team of intercessors with fellowship and a community to encourage and challenge each other in our growth and to increase our impact for the Kingdom.  Read the Blogs of Visions and Words our members are receiving, make comments and share your insights!  And send in what the Lord is speaking to you so we don't miss any Rhema Words being given to us.

God revealed to Tim Sheets that praying in the Spirit is the governing language of the Ekklesia...

praying in tongues puts us in perfect unity and gives voice to perfect prayers that release God's will in the Earth!