Kingdom Workers


There is a scripture that clearly says it is impossible to serve both God and mammon (the world). It would appear, then, that God's ways must be substantially different than the ways of society and the secular workplace. And that means that believers who desire to work as servants of the Lord and live lives that will bring God glory, will need to study His word to discover how to respond to workplace and life challenges His way.

That's what this Kingdom Workers ministry is all about...let's discover together the abundant life, exceedingly great promises, and amazing plan that God has in mind for His children as they go through daily life and face the challenges and opportunities that are guaranteed to come.


Training and Coaching—We design and deliver on-site and on-line training to meet specific ministry objectives.
Popular programs include:

Team and Trust Building for Ministry Teams, Bootcamp Training for Volunteers (an Orientation to Kingdom service)
Change & Resilience Training for Ministry Staff
NEW!! Intercessor Training and Development

Career Direct Assessments with one-on-one coaching can also provide significant value to staff and volunteers seeking to better understand their own design and workplace values.

Barbara was excellent throughout the whole week. I am not quite sure how she kept up the intensity for the whole course but she did and it made a huge difference to how much the group got out of the course, thank you! (by: Consultant)

I came in with low expectations but ended up being blown away. It's got a great mix of theory and practical with real world scenarios. Awesomeness!!! (by: Senior Consultant)