About Us

Employed for Life

EMPLOYED FOR LIFE is a faith-based consulting practice that provides support and resources to job seekers, employed workers and ministry leaders. We are focused on returning the marketplace to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to spread the GOOD NEWS that God is our Employer and that He is a great boss! Our objective is to train believers to bring this message to the world and to live in the extraordinary promises and provisions of God-- no matter what their employment circumstances might be. We invite you to contact us with your ideas for improving the support and services we offer and to share your testimonies of God's favor in your life and workplace.

About The Founder

Barb Palmer has more than 30 years of professional experience in the areas of human resource planning, professional development, organizational effectiveness, and employment management. Her experience, as a manager, executive coach and consultant, has spanned a broad range of organizations and industries.

Throughout her career she has taught and counseled individuals and groups on life changes, ministry leadership and employment/career issues. Her experience on “both sides of the employment counter” – as one who has hired and taught those who would be hired as well as one who has been an employment candidate and self-employed consultant herself– has given her insight into the entire employment dynamic. This enables her to share a wealth of valuable information with job seekers and workers as they navigate all the changes and transitions of today’s workplace.

As a born-again Christian, Barb’s study of the Word of God, in the light of her professional experience, has revealed to her a profound understanding of God’s grace and provision for those who are unemployed (or unhappily employed, or under-employed, or self-employed and struggling!) Bottom line, God has a desire and magnificent plan for reclaiming work and the workplace through those who will put their trust in Him. To spread the Employed for Life message, Barb has been leading small groups, seminars, and individual job seekers and coaching ministry leaders for more than two decades. After all this time she remains passionate about sharing this “GOOD NEWS” message.