Kingdom Ministry Leader


We have entered into a new era in God's eternal calendar. 2020 starts a season that will be a significantly "new wineskin" experience for the Church of Jesus Christ. The old has passed away and God Almighty is doing as new thing, just as He has promised. This means that EVERY ministry leader, pastor, and missionary is again being invited to surrender all to Jesus and allow Him to raise you up to higher levels of love, intimacy, zeal and revelation than ever before experienced.

The whole earth has been groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of Man to show up as the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth. This is our call and now is our time. But it will not be business as usual. Much of the Church has become like the Laodicean church...lukewarm and self-absorbed. Leaders are now charged with an assignment to wake up the body of Christ and point relentlessly and apologetically at Jesus and the Cross. Let's travel this journey of growth and change together. Let's respond wholeheartedly to the cry of Isaiah 60: "Rise, shine, for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!" 


Training & Coaching—We design and deliver on-site and on-line training to meet the spiritual/development needs of your pastors and leadership team members.
We come alongside the Senior/Lead Pastor to provide effective organization development activities. Through one-on-one coaching and training events we assume joint responsibility for ensuring that key learning points are reinforced, learning experiences are practical, interactive and engaging, and that participants share in a revitalizing, Spirit-led experience.

Popular Programs include:
Understandiing Your Kingdom Culture
Designing Your Leadership Structure (Role definitions with Success Metrics)
New Hire Onboarding for Ministry Leaders
Leadership Team Development

Barbara was excellent throughout the whole week. I am not quite sure how she kept up the intensity for the whole course but she did and it made a huge difference to how much the group got out of the course, thank you! (by: Consultant)

I came in with low expectations but ended up being blown away. It's got a great mix of theory and practical with real world scenarios. Awesomeness!!! (by: Senior Consultant)