Kingdom Job Seekers


You are looking for an effective way to find a job, right? You may have tried the traditional job search methods to no avail, OR you may have no idea what "traditional job search methods" just know that you need work and you are willing to consider whatever process God has to offer if it is practical and delivers real results.

Well, you are in for some good news!  Not only is God planning to lead you to your next, best assignment, but He is also willing and able to give you four additional blessings! Stick with this Employed for Life process and you will walk out of the job search season with-

  1. A richer understanding of God and deeper intimacy with Jesus. You will hear His voice and KNOW when He is the One who is speaking to you.
  2. A greater awareness and appreciation of your own unique design, identity in Christ, and destiny.
  3. Freedom from FEAR!  Imagine that - NO fear, worry, anxiety, panic, or terror at any life circumstance, ever again!
  4. More loving relationships with family, friends, and even strangers.

Contrary to what most people believe, time out of the workplace does NOT have to bring devastation.  It can be a rich season of rest, growth and exploration...the time when you discover that God is good for His word and well able to sustain you!  What have you got to lose?  No one is making a better employment offer than this.  Why not join His family business and experience the abundant life He is ready to provide?


Barb, Just finished the book, and WOW! So here is my endorsement…. “If you are unemployed and looking for a job, then get a copy of “Employed for Life” right now. Its pages have answers to your prayers, even those you have not yet prayed. A great combination of truth about you, your situation, job seeker tips and the God who loves you.” Thanks for privilege of reviewing. I would like to feature it on our website and promote to our leaders. Blessings, Brian Brian Ray, Founder and President, Crossroads Career Network.

Dear Barb, I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your 30-Day Launch Series. God continues to bless me through your words and the Spirit is moving in a very winsome way during my job search process. Thank you! Patrick Ames

Workshop Design and Delivery—

  • Onsite Job Seeker Seminar Options:

    1.  One day workshop that covers the entire content of the Employed for Life book

    2. Half day and multi-session presentations for Retreats, Conferences and seminars
  • Facilitator Training Options:

    1.  Multi-session onsite workshop that covers the entire content of the Employed for Life book and video support resources

    2. Online Facilitator training delivered in 8 weekly conference calls.