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Change Masters Ministry

gospel-of-unemploymentDesigned to take back the workplace for the Kingdom of God one believer at a time, the Change Masters Ministry focuses on guiding and supporting individuals in every employment situation, including unemployment, in order to empower them to change with confidence and lead with excellence in the marketplace.

The foundation of this ministry is the Word of God and its specific application to our work lives. In the past 20 years of this ministry God’s power and authority has been proven effective time and time again in turnaround strategies for job seekers, in career management strategies for workers, and in ministry guidelines for those volunteering and serving on the front-lines of local and international missions. Today this ministry is active in small group settings and workplace bible studies and over the internet through this website, the Change Masters Facebook page and YouTube, under Employed for Life.

Our mission is to spread this good news message about God’s workplace strategies throughout the body of Christ. Believers need to hear that God doesn’t intend for them to suffer and struggle on-the-job or in seasons of unemployment. They need to know that God is ready to transform any time out of the workplace into a season of great growth and blessing. He is also always ready to turn challenging work situations into opportunities to build faith and spread the Kingdom of God. This ministry exists to help believers to fully experience the promises of God and grow in faith as they pursue the destiny and assignments prepared for them by their heavenly Father.


resourcesIn support of this ministry Barb has written Employed for Life: “When Can You Start?”— God, a book explaining the revelation God has given about the unemployment experience.  The devotionals you see posted on this site come from Job Seeker’s Encourage-mints: “Oh taste and see that the LORD is good!”  There is also a kindle book entitled the Job Seeker’s Playbook, full of all the tactics and tips required for a successful job search process. Facilitator and Small Group Discussion Guides are also available for use with small groups and care ministries, through the Crown Ministries website and by writing to us. Free audio messages and a 30 Day Launch training program are available for listening or download for those just starting their job search process. For those currently working, there is an Employed for Life Devotional that provides an “onboarding” and orientation process to help you work as God’s employee under the supervision of Jesus and the training of the Holy Spirit!

As you visit this site and review the resources here you will find that this is not a typical employment website. There are no articles or statistics about the state of the current job market and no “formulas” for finding the job of your dreams in 48 days or less. We are here to show job seekers how to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” through a personal relationship with God and trust in His Son, Jesus. We want to support you as you seek to behave as citizens of His Kingdom. We are fully persuaded that as you implement God’s Ask, Seek and Knock strategy you too will discover the awesome power, guidance, support, and provision available to believers in the workplace.

Virtual Workplace Ministries, Inc.

virtual-workplace-ministriesThe Change Masters Ministry is the first outreach launched by Virtual Workplace Ministries, a 501c3 organization, formed as a charitable foundation under Clarion Consulting Group, Inc. in 2009. It is the purpose of this organization to bring practical applications of the Word of God into the workplace and to leverage the internet as a key channel for making ministry resources available 24/7.

Donation income generated by this ministry will be distributed to established ministries that are providing water, food and housing throughout the world, meeting the needs of at-risk adolescents, and sharing the Gospel and Word of Faith message. A Board of Directors has responsibility for selecting the ministries supported by VWMI based on their impact and effectiveness as evaluated by independent charity rating organizations.

About The Founder

Barb-RardenBarb Palmer has more than 30 years of professional experience in the areas of human resource planning, professional development, organizational effectiveness, and employment management. Her experience, as a manager, executive coach and consultant, has spanned a broad range of organizations and industries.

In her career she has been a senior manager in a Fortune 50 consumer products company, the lead consultant in the Change and Transition Management practice of the world’s largest outplacement firm, an adjunct faculty member for the American Management Association, and a Director of Professional Development for an international consulting firm. While maintaining a private consulting practice, she also served as an on-line university instructor. She is now employed as a Senior Organization Development Consultant for a global information technology firm.

Throughout her career she has taught and counseled individuals and groups on life changes, ministry leadership and employment/career issues. Her experience on “both sides of the counter” in the employment realm – as both one who hires and teaches those who would be hired as well as one who seeks to be hired– has given her insight into the entire employment dynamic. This has enabled her to share a wealth of valuable information with job seekers and workers as they navigate all the changes and transitions in today’s workplace.

As a born-again Christian, Barb’s study of the Word of God, in the light of her professional experience, has revealed to her a profound understanding of God’s provision for those who are unemployed and desires for reclaiming work and the workplace. She has been a leader of small group ministries and coach for ministry leaders for more than two decades and is passionate about sharing this “good news” message.