• How’s Work Working for You?

    You don’t have to  fight to make a living. There is an entirely different way to work –God’s way—that you may not have discovered yet. That’s why this site exists.

    How’s Work Working for You?
  • The Body of Christ

    You have an employment offer from God Himself, to work as a citizen of Heaven with purpose and joy.  Be a light in the darkness of the workplace. If you aren’t a believer yet— check out the resources here. The world has nothing that can compare to God's promises!

    The Body of Christ
  • Putting the Body of Christ to Work

    God is ready to meet you right where you are and bring you into your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ. His Word is True…His promises real…You can hear from Him directly…He is ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations… Trust the One who never fails.

    Putting the Body of Christ to Work
  • You Really Can Be Employed for Life!

    Working for God, you’ll be blessed to be a blessing...every day. The Holy Spirit is ready to become your Coach. Jesus has made a place for you. CHOOSE to accept the offer, submit to His plan and work by His rules of love and grace. Say YES! and let’s take back the workplace for the Kingdom of God!

    You Really Can Be Employed for Life!

Today’s Devotional

27- March       Knock and Overcome

Joel 3:5-7   You have taken my silver and gold and all my precious treasures, and have carried them off to your pagan temples. You have sold the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the Greeks, so they could take them far from their homeland. “But I will bring them back from all the places to which you sold them, and I will pay you back for everything you have done. (NLT)

When we’re in a job search and nothing seems to be happening, it’s easy to think God has forgotten us. We hear there are no openings, or they just filled the position, or they would never hire anyone without certain skills, and we lose heart. But God’s Word assures us that if He ever did something for one of His children, He will do it for you. He doesn’t play favorites and He never changes, so this scripture is as true for us today as it was for the people of Judah. He even promises to deal with those who cause you harm. You can count on Him to do it too!

Stand on your faith in Jesus Christ and resist the enemy in the form of doubt, fatigue, confusion and frustration. God is not unaware of your situation. He has made a way back into the workplace for you and He will reveal it. Keep your ears open and your eyes on His Word.

• I cannot fail. I belong to the Most High God.
• By faith I trust that God will deal with my enemies and restore me.
• God is more angry at those who try to do me harm than I am. He is my daddy and He isn’t going to allow His child to be harmed.


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