The Tree (received by Doris 10-9-20)

In this vision, I could see a small seedling, the start of a tree. This tree was resting against a flowing stream of water. As I looked out, I could see that there were several trees growing, just as this one was. Each was being tended to by a woman, a worker, wearing the clothing of a gardener. The women were singing softly to the young plants, ensuring the earth around each tree was clean and soft, loose, healthy soil. They worked with their hands, using no tools to tend to their beloved oaks. I then saw others come in, friends and strangers, who walked by and spoke words of encouragement to the plants they felt led to speak to. They whispered to the branches, and they would begin to stretch forth. Suddenly, in this vision, it was as if years had passed, and the oaks had begun to grow, and were now large, more vibrant than the trees around them, and quickly outgrowing them in size. As the Breath of God blew around, any coloring leaves would blow off of the branches. Soon, these oaks had begun towering over the trees around them. Then fruit began to spring forth. As the fruit grew, it would grow so heavy that the weight would cause the branches to bow, and the fruit would fall to the earth, bursting open with abundant seed and juice and meat of the fruit, which caused my mouth to water and thirst for a taste. As the seed fell to the earth, the ground received the seed, and the sprouts began springing up, in a mighty GROVE!!! Grove was the word the Lord gave me, to describe this creation. Once the vision came to its fullness, the Lord began to speak, and these were His words…

Planted firmly, I have set my oaks to growth. They have already been planted alongside My streams. The shell of the seeds have burst forth with life, and I alone have ministered to these seedlings, setting them to their growth. As the earth gave way under the pressure of My abundant glory, My oaks have shown forth their light for all to see. They seem quaint and simple, unassuming, but their growth will soon startle the nations. For they are My oaks of Righteousness”! (at this point, the Lord underlined, boldly, that He IS the Righteousness, the Lord, Our Righteousness. He said, “I AM”) Then He further declared,I have set maidens to tend to their growth, and battle the infestation that attempts to choke this ORDAINED growth! I have set teachers to minister My Word of Truth, that quickens their branches to reach to My courts and the abundance of My storehouses. For they WILL utilize My fruits that are developing within them!!! I alone will give them drink, and satisfy their thirst, with the waters I pour out over their leaves, and from the streams that their roots are drinking, in the unseen places of their spirits! The seasons will quicken over them, causing rapid growth. Their leaves will remain green, for at the first sign of wither, My Holy Spirit will breathe away all evidence of death. As My oaks reach their heights, they will bypass the growth of those around them, and their seed will be spread throughout the land. My oaks will inspire GROVES!!! Groves that are unharmed by beast or weed, with roots white as snow. They will declare My glory in the abundant fruit that falls from their branches, from the weight of the fullness of My glory within!!! For I have already built My army, while the enemy did as I allowed him to do. BEHOLD, MY GLORY IS COME!!!

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