I want to share a beautiful testimony that was just given to me.  It speaks of an important, I would go so far as to say essential, step in any key transition in the Kingdom of God.  As you read it you will get a sense of the shift that is produced by a realization of the overwhelming love of God.  Every move forward spiritually is accompanied by an upgrade in our understanding of who God is for us and how great His love is towards us.  Be blessed!


 I was having another sleepless night, and then I had a remarkable revelation…  I am awesomely loved.

 Amid the thoughts that float around in my head all the time, this one pushes itself to the surface, and spreads itself all over the surface of my brain, like oil on troubled waters.

 I am awesomely loved. 

 Faster than all the “Yeah, but…” disclaimers can rise up to obscure this thought, my Father comes to me and says, “I love you.  Just that.  Let it be about that.  Don’t make it more complicated.  Just go with you are awesomely loved by me.

 I don’t deserve it.  I’ve been despicable to some people, a liar to others, an unfaithful servant even to my Father.  Yet there it is. 

 I am awesomely loved.  By my Father.  My heavenly Father, capital F, who made me and everything else. 

 This is different from the love I got from my earthly father (little f).  I got the best he had, yes, but it’s not the same as awesomely loved by my Father in heaven.  Not the same at all.  I’ve even heard this before, but for once it feels real.  A physical sensation even, like a solid rock that’s so light it can float in midair. 

 It’s even different from the love I get from my wife and kids and my best friends.  These wonderful people exhaust themselves time and again demonstrating their love for me.  But the “yeah, buts” rise up, determined to quash their most loving expressions, and sometimes they succeed.  I sometimes find it more comfortable to be uncomfortable, to turn my starving, needy back on all those best-intentioned expressions love and approval, for reasons I’ll never know.

But for tonight, my heavenly Father says, “Just go with you are awesomely loved by Me.  Absorb that, and it’ll be enough to get you through the night.  And when you wake up in the morning, remember it.  Take it with you.  You need to wear this like skin.  Not proudly, but confidently.”

He concludes (I can tell He’s done, because He only gives me as much as I can take at each sitting and this is a big one), “Confidence in My love will help you make a bridge to all that love from all those  people I put in your life.  So you can stop worrying about that, and take their love onboard too.  Then you can show love to others.” 

“That’s how we do things around here.  I lead, you follow.  Bring all the love you’ve got with you, mine and the stuff from the family, friends, your little-f father, your mother, all of ’em. If you do that, you’ll not have room in your bag for the heavy stuff that keeps trying to drag you down.  You will have only love to share, and that’s why you’re here anyway.”

“Now go back to bed.  It’s late.  I’ve got stuff for you to do tomorrow, and I need your best game.”

I’ll be turning out the light now.

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