Jesus is Calling an Angelic Audible!

This is the insight given to Ann on Nov 6, 2020…

An audible (pronounced ô’de-bul) is a verbal instruction that can slightly change the predetermined play, or completely scrap it for something else. A quarterback often calls an audible when he doesn’t like how the offensive play that was called matches up with the defensive formation.

When and Where to Audible

As the offensive and defensive lines get set at the line of scrimmage, where the ball rests after the last play was completed, the offense gets its first look at what a defense plans to do. If a defense is going to blitz or put extra pressure on the offense, a quarterback will often recognize this right as the teams line up, and if the called play leaves him or the running back vulnerable to the rushing defenders, he’ll call an audible.

If the quarterback sees a hole in the defensive formation he might be able to exploit, he might also call an audible to best take advantage of the way the defense is lined up.​

In response to this election and the attempt to steal it…We are witnessing an epic “angelic audible”” at all levels and positions! Stand and see a heavenly sting operation!

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