How’s life going for you?  Are you riding the waves of changing or being swamped by them?

Guess what? You are built for change!  You can be blessed by change! You can even be the very change that this world needs. Interested?

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    1. As far as God is concerned you already work for Him. He has brought you into His family business and He will now be giving you your assignments. Let’s push all fear away and keep your focus on Jesus. How did He respond to everyone who needed His help? He is responding to you just the same. Breathe deeply and try to find things each day to be thankful for. Imagine your victory and laugh out loud at how good it feels to be employed and prospering. Expect the best and send out love whoever you go. I am praying with you in faith and confidence. He has sustained you this far and He will carry you to victory.

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