Devotional 9/12/19

12-September       Ask For First Things First

Matthew 20:20    Then the mother of Zebedee’s children came up to Him with her sons and, kneeling, worshiped Him and asked a favor of Him.(AMP)


I can really relate to this scripture! First the mother worshipped Jesus and then she asked a favor. That’s pretty much what happens to me. I start out worshipping Him and next thing I know I’m asking for something. Many of us start out with a desire to just love God for a few moments but then our needs break in and we’re back in the request business again.
The good news is that God is willing to help us. It’s okay to come to Him with both praise and requests. If knowing God through Christ is our true, first, and highest motive, that will be more than enough. He’ll do the rest for you. Just ask God for the ability to worship Him more perfectly and to love Him more fully, for He is worthy of our praise.

• I worship the Lord and love Him with my whole heart.
• My faith I accept God’s power to cleanse me and to receive my requests with love.
• I know that I deserve nothing on my own but I am not on my own. I accept the righteousness of Christ as mine.

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