Devotional 8/6/22

6- August  Choose Your Work

Ephesians 6:7     Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. (NLT)

How can job seekers work with enthusiasm when they’re not working? Don’t be fooled. Looking for a job is work. So maybe enthusiasm would be calling a recruiter back and expressing interest. Maybe it would be offering to work as a contractor to help the company out while they’re interviewing. Perhaps it’s investing energy to research a company and arriving fully prepared for the interview. It’s easy to get depressed and lazy in the job search… and so hard to keep your energy up. But, oh, the difference it makes!

People will notice you. Perhaps they’ll even ask why you act the way you do. Then you’ll be able to tell them that it’s because you work for the Lord and He pays so well, He deserves the best you’ve got.

• I work for the Lord and I cannot be unemployed.
• I receive joy, energy and enthusiasm to fuel my job search efforts.
• You can tell that I work for the Lord by the way I approach my job search with excellence.

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