Devotional 11/20/23

20-November      Seek to Stay Focused on Jesus

John 10:27   “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Many job seekers complain that they can’t hear from God, that He doesn’t talk to them. Really the problem is that they never get quiet enough to listen. Have you noticed that LISTEN is an anagram of SILENT? Too often we use all our prayer time making our requests and then expect revelation knowledge and insight in the last few minutes.

Imagine that God might feel like you do in a thirty minute interview and, with only thirty seconds of time left, being asked “Do you have any questions?” If we could only grasp how much richer our lives would be if we stopped to listen to our shepherd, we’d get really quiet every day to make sure not to miss anything.


• I am intent on hearing from the Lord.
• By faith I receive the ability to recognize the voice of God when He speaks to me.
• I trust that Jesus is my shepherd and that He will always take care of me.

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