How’s Work Working for You?


You don’t have to  fight to make a living.

Why not work God’s way? If you haven’t discovered that yet, you are in for some great news! This site exists to tell you all about it.

The Body of Christ


You can work for God!  You can have purpose and joy in your work.  You can be a light in today’s dark workplace. Check it out!


Putting the Body of Christ to Work


God is ready to hire you…for life. He will meet you right where you are and lead you into your TRUE IDENTITY and DESTINY.

His Word is True. His promises are real. You can hear from Him directly. He WILL meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

You Really Can Be Employed for Life!


Working for God, you’ll be blessed to be a blessing…every day.

Say YES! and let’s see what God will do with the workplace!