How’s Work Working for You?


You don’t have to  fight to make a living.

There is an entirely different way to work –God’s way—that you may not have discovered yet. That’s why this site exists.

The Body of Christ


You have an employment offer from God Himself, to work as a citizen of Heaven with purpose and joy.  Be a light in the darkness of the workplace.

If you aren’t a believer yet— check out the resources here. The world has nothing that can compare to God’s promises!

Putting the Body of Christ to Work


God is ready to meet you right where you are and bring you into your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ.

His Word is True…His promises real…You can hear from Him directly…He is ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations… Trust the One who never fails.

You Really Can Be Employed for Life!


Working for God, you’ll be blessed to be a blessing…every day.

The Holy Spirit is ready to become your Coach. Jesus has made a place for you. CHOOSE to accept the offer, submit to His plan and work by His rules of love and grace.

Say YES! and let’s take back the workplace for the Kingdom of God!