30-Day Launch Program

The Employed for Life 30-Day Launch program consists of 30 daily PowerPoint presentations, a comprehensive PDF document, and a download of supplemental material. Please click the links below to view and/or download.

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30 Day Launch Audio Introduction

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30 Day Launch Training Videos

Strategy: Differentiate between God’s Kingdom and the World system. Learn why we need to choose our citizenship.
Tactic: Answer ‘Why are you unemployed?’ Write the script to powerfully answer this question.
Strategy: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Learn how to read the Word.
Tactic: Manage change and transition. Build personal resilience.
Strategy: Discover the formula for answered prayer. Let go of the past and forgive.
Tactic: Prepare your references. Learn who to contact and what to cover.
Strategy: Understand the true nature of God and His desires and intention for believers. Discover the blessing of Abraham.
Tactic: Accept leadership and authority € how obedient are you?
Strategy: Understand ‘what’s in it for me?’ Begin to explore the new and more excellent covenant we have been given.
Tactic: Create a personal ‘project plan.’ Set goals that you control.
Strategy: Acknowledge ‘Love’ as a job assignment and the basis for faith, power and manifestation of God’s blessing.
Tactic: Review past job descriptions € what did you do and what impact did you have?
Strategy: Discover God’s promises for provision in the Word. Clarify the definition of prosperity.
Tactic: Understand your financial situation and create a budget and ‘storm plan.’
Strategy: Learn the importance of the Baptism of the Spirit as a means to release the HS to work freely in us.
Tactic: Time management. Organize time for maximum results.
Strategy: Become qualified as an ambassador for Christ and learn what God expects of job seekers.
Tactic: Collect and review past performance appraisals. Rate your past workplace performance.
Strategy: Accept the reality of spiritual warfare and recognize the weapons and Tactics of the enemy. Discover the Strategy to ‘reclaim’ what Christ has already accomplished.
Tactic: Uncover the ‘hidden job market’. Learn how to find all the available jobs.
Strategy: Learn how to pray effectively. Ask according to God’s will. (Not asking amiss and asking in faith, doubting not.) Discover the importance of staying in faith until answers come.
Tactic: Prepare your resume € Establish the format and collect background information.
Strategy: Discover the importance of asking for wisdom and what to expect.
Tactic: Answer the question ‘What are you looking for?’ Define your ideal job and Career Objective.
Strategy: Discover the talents and abilities God has given and the ways they are to be used. Examine motives.
Tactic: Complete a self assessment: Identify adaptive and transferable skills.
Strategy: Explore what it means to have the ‘righteousness of Christ?’ Learn how God’s design of each of us affects our future and our work.
Tactic: Complete a self assessment: Identify personality traits and personal characteristics.
Strategy: Discover the difference between eternal, Kingdom purpose and the world’s view of career and purpose.
Tactic: Complete a self assessment: Define past experience and prepare accomplishment summaries. CAR stories.
Strategy: Discover ‘What’s holding me back?’ Examine the condition of your heart and identify wounds, snares, and sin (unforgiveness, resentment, anger at God). Learn how to tear down strongholds.
Tactic: Identify obstacles to job search success and create strategies to overcome them.
Strategy: Learn how to be lead by the Holy Spirit and to have confidence in the ‘still small voice.’
Tactic: Prepare an effective answer to the ‘Tell me about yourself question.
Strategy: Recognize the ‘divine’ in our daily lives€coincidences, connections.
Tactic: Determine and make primary contacts. Learn how to ‘cold call’ and get through to hiring managers.
Strategy: Practice approaching life as a treasure hunt, expecting the best. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
Tactic: Use multiple internet resources to support the job search process.
Strategy: Learn how to take thoughts captive and bring the Word alive. Practice putting faith to work.
Tactic: Write effective cover letters and job search correspondence.
Strategy: Obey the command to ‘Fear not!’ It is not a suggestion, it’s imperative. Learn how-to.
Tactic: Overcome objections€’We’re not hiring, I can’t help you, Talk to HR…’
Strategy: Learn how to give thanks in all circumstances, not for all circumstances. Bring a sacrifice of praise.
Tactic: Conquer the interview process. Learn what to expect and how to respond.
Strategy: Learn how to stay confident before the harvest comes. What it looks like and why do it.
Tactic: Answering the question ‘Why should I hire you?’
Strategy: Discover the law of sowing and reaping. Practice planting seed for specific results and performing the corresponding actions of faith.
Tactic: Understand the purpose and process for effective networking – mutual benefit.
Strategy: Learn about faith – who has it and in what supply? Discover how to grow and strengthen faith.
Tactic: Learn to handle telephone interviews.
Strategy: Accept accountability as a witness for Christ. Bring the good news to others.
Tactic: Learn how to dress for success and present yourself like a winner.
Strategy: Overcome obstacles and handle crisis situations. Learn what to do when blindsided.
Tactic: Prepare for self-marketing at events € determine where to show up and what to do when you’re there.
Strategy: Develop faith for the ‘long haul’. Guard your heart and go ‘in the strength of the Lord.’
Tactic: Effectively manage tough and difficult interview questions.
Strategy: Look for ‘God sightings.’ Discover how to stand and encourage yourself in the Lord.
Tactic: Handle the ‘money question’ and negotiate the offer.
Strategy: Understand that quitting is not an option. (And getting mad at God is a bad idea!)
Tactic: Turn disappointment to gold. Learn when and how to follow up after a turn-down.